Thursday, June 09, 2005


Because of the low tide messing up my dawn patrol, I went to Sunset this morning. I had a few pretty good waves, but it's mostly what I expect from Sunset -- a whole lotta paddling. I'll probably be there tomorrow morning, too, but mostly because I'm gaining some weight in the middle of my body and I don't like exercising. "Surfing" is not "exercise" to me, so I can bear it. This morning I went out at Sunset only because I knew that if I drove back down to one of the beach breaks, it would bring me closer to one of the many breakfast places I like to frequent... and "breakfast" is definitely not "exercise" but would eventually encourage the need for more distasteful exercise in the future.


riab said...

Speaking of breakfast -- we still have to do Rutts.

gracefullee said...

Ria --

I'm up for breakfast anytime, esp. after surfing. If I've had a long session, then I usually want 1000 calories in 5 minutes.

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