Monday, June 13, 2005

On the NYT Bestseller List

My new bitching buddy Sir Richard and I have spent the last two Sundays floating around on the choppy waves at OP while coming up with a new self-help book for single ladies who surf. Sir R can't believe that I'm still single and that none of the guys who surf there have asked me out (that's very sweet of him). I then told him that I prefer not to date surfers anyway... besides the salt-water-for-brains thing, there's also an attitude that manifests itself, especially in male surfers: the "maybe the next wave is better" worldview. Who wants to be the "good enough until something [better, blonder, skinnier] comes along" girl?

Sir R told me that I was on to something and should write a dissertation. When he came up to me in the parking lot last week after staying in the craptacular conditions longer than I did, he pointed to the ocean and said to me, "And sometimes, you can stay in a relationship TOO LONG."

This week, he paddled up to me and told me he shared our conversation with his son. "He said you missed one major thing in your dissertation."

"Oh, yeah? I'm all ears."

"You forgot to mention that men who surf have already found their true love."

Oh, so wise.


Anonymous said...

Love the book idea. Unfortunately there are not enough female surfers out there, to make you enough money, to cover the costs.
Do you really think that men have found thier true love? If that is the case. Isn't the same for women who surf?

gracefullee said...

These are, of course, tremendous generalizations born out of my own anger and infinite hatred of stupid men. :)

I'm joking. Sorta.

But, like you said, there are fewer female surfers in the surfing world than men, and I think this is why the generalizations are that much more distilled to truth... women who enter the male-dominated world of surfing tend to be women who would challenge themselves and challenge societal convention. Whereas you have a broader spectrum of men who surf.

This being the case, you have a greater sample of women who can multi-task and men on the low range of that spectrum who CAN'T.


riab said...

Great idea Grace! I think I lucked out meeting B before he got into surfing...