Thursday, June 23, 2005

Nothing's too good for my baby.

I'm getting the Cooperfish completely overhauled and it's going to cost a pretty penny. Several pretty pennies. And some corroded pennies that have been lying on the ground for a while. In fact, I'm going to go pick up those pennies right now because I need to scrape together some cash to fix Coop properly.

So this is what loves does, huh? Makes you spend lots of money on it?


Surfsister said...

At least you don't have 54 boards' worth of love. Your Cooperfish is a great board and it's okay to put some money into it, especially when you consider the good price you paid for it.

gracefullee said...

Yes, Sis, that's what I'm thinking. Even with all the repairs, I still paid half of what these boards are going for new. And Gene isn't taking any custom orders right now.