Sunday, July 29, 2007

The Purposeful Donkey

I was really hoping to make a debut on the Donkey site, so I did everything I could today. Luckily, one of the owners of the Rocker Board Shop was out with her video camera, so I'm pretty sure my best wave of the day has been immortalized. Even lazier than normal, I took off on a wave and decided popping up was too much effort. I sped down the line on my belly, trimming like I'd never done on my feet, right in the curl. I should probably take more waves like that.

I also tried one on my knees with a transition to my ass, but by then, the whitewater was too turbulent and I donkeyed into the water with absolutely no grace.

I actually had real rides, too, but the most fun was taking pics of Handsome John's ass with my Frogeye camera as I chased him on a wave. I hope I got his cross-step in a shot because it's a beautiful thing to behold. I AM referring to his cross-step.

I'll try to develop the pics this week (yes, film!) and I'm pretty sure all of them are going to be bad.


reverb said... like surfers always want to improve our surfing skills
but donkey or not is just make fun that all about

cheers gal

venicesurfergirl said...

Posted the video from last Sunday. Unfortunately, I messed up the focus and it didn't turn out very time.

gracefullee said...

I'm relieved AND disappointed that you didn't get my belly-board wave on camera!