Monday, August 06, 2007


Not very inspiring surf this weekend, but I was out there anyway to be social. The last thirty minutes of my Sunday surf saw me on my belly for every single wave. I figured the waves were not worth my energy to stand up, so I just started goofing around. I have to say, speeding along with my face against the tiny face of the wave and getting covered up in weak knee-high waves was pretty fun. I'm thinking of getting a boogie board and fins for close-out days.


Beach Bum said...

Go for it - a bit of sponging is good for the soul and it helps tone leg muscle in a way that you miss out if you only ever surf surf (if you know what I mean). And you can still wax yr bodyboard. Or do you have the strength of charcater to try a surf mat Greenough style? I dare ya!

gracefullee said...

Surf mat? Sounds interesting.

I did get a sponge and fins last weekend and have only rolled it out once, but had a blast!