Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Where Grace goes, no swell follows.

Almost every time I've gone down to visit Little Miss N in Del Mar, there has been no swell. Even if forecasts say there's going to be a little bump in size, my presence pretty much assures knee-to-waist.

Even so, I had fun on Sunday in San Diego County. I brought down my darling Cooperfish to treat him to some shapely waves. It amazes me how easy it is to surf nice waves when you call a crappy close-out beach break home. I took off on some decent set waves and had some time to walk back and forth. I still chicken out before I get to the nose, and I'm not sure how to get beyond that reaction.


riab said...

I hear you Grace! It's so hard for us to surf our break after returning from SD too. But I have to say, these last few days have been fun...we're off to SD next week I hope we don't get too spoiled!

gracefullee said...

Have fun in San Diego! My friends down there grumbled once as we were headed out to the water, "Wow it's crowded today." I looked around and thought, "What?! THIS is crowded?! I don't think you know crowded until you surf and drive in L.A." It's all perspective, ain't it?