Friday, August 25, 2006

I "misunderestimated"

I honestly thought this swell wasn't going to get here, but I was wrong. And I'll force myself to listen to Bush's weekly radio address as penance.

As the Decider, I shot straight out into those waves today and didn't look back. Cuz I'm the Decider. I was ready to attack and smoke out those shoulders. Cuz we got weapons to find surf: liberty and freedom. Those other waves, you know, those closing-out brown-lookin' waves, they hate us. They hate us because they hate our waves of freedom and democracy.

(Oh, the waves were swell today by the way.)


riab said...

Hear, hear on the waves! (Is it "hear" or "here"?) I caught a couple of waves that were bigger than I would normally go I was happy. I did get stuck in the inside when the biggest two waves of my session decided to drop by, but instead of paddling in and calling it a day...I went back out.

gracefullee said...

I think it's the listening type of hear, but I'm not actually sure. To the Google we go!

Good for you for going back out! Kinda fun today, huh?

Surfsister said...

Were you at the home break?

gracefullee said...

Sis, yes I was at home break. As long as you avoid low tide, this little swell is totally do-able at the beach break.