Tuesday, August 08, 2006

A break from surfing... for a rant

Mooooovies suck. The movie business sucks even more. I'm tired of listening to sucking up, desperation, middle men. I'm tired of projects being sold on charm and smarm and who's in the damn thing. I'm tired of deals done out of relationships rather than out of content. I'm tired of corporate America which is what the media business is. Three white men own every friggin' thing you see on TeeVee, mags, and the big screen. (And Clear Channel owns the radio waves.) You know this right? Rupert Murdoch, Disney (which isn't so much a man anymore than faceless monster of shareholders), and Sumner Redstone.

Here's a media ownership chart that's a few years old, but I'm sure with all the mergers of company, the spheres of influence are bigger and fewer.


Don't EVER EVER let anyone tell you that the media is liberal-biased. When you have a corporate media, the only thing that media answers to is the DOLLAR (or maybe soon, the YUEN). And corporations are in the business of conserving or increasing the value of shareholders' dollar... inherently CONSERVATIVE.

I'm tired of this stupid business. I shoulda done what my daddy tole me to. Shoulda gone to med school. Cuz THAT business isn't dogged with corporate control at all. (No pharmaceutical pressure to approve drugs and push them through doctors, nope nope nope.)

Ack. I need to go live in a tree somewhere.


Chad said...

Thank you for ranting for me. I hat, (HATE HATE HATE) Clear Channel, because unlike with movies and TV, which I have some choice in, I have little alternative to the nationally programmed crapola radio in every city in the country, unless I want to pay for XM or Sirius (which I do).

dave rich said...

I cannot agree with you more. US mega corps have their dirty hands in everything. A great movie about it but dealing with oil based things, is Syriana. Check it out!
Now you see my other reason for escapes from the land of "fair" business practice.

gracefullee said...

Chad -- there's a great story about a mom-n-pop radio station in North Carolina which lost its radio license through a loophole that was meant to increase diversity (code word for "minority representation") on the airwaves... only the company that took over that license was owned by a black man who was shilling for Clear Channel and started programming all the pablum that you hear across the nation.

Dave -- Saw Syriana and loved it. I thought all the entanglements were really depressing.