Saturday, January 07, 2006

(Present Day)

I thought I was being all brilliant by walking the dog at 5:00am and driving from Valencia to get to Sunset by 6:15am in order to avoid the crowds. Only, I'm not the only one who was brilliant. The parking spaces were nearly filled up along PCH with people waiting. The swell which is exploding the beach breaks has driven everybody to look for a point. When I paddled out in the semi-darkness, there were already 10 guys in. I got my waves and left by 7:30am before I started getting all tense about the five-billion people in the water. Welcome back to surfing in SoCal!

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Whiffleboy said...

Valencia?! Wow, I'm impressed. That is quite a drive. The only other person I know of who drives further (he surfs Sunset, btw)is a dude who lives in Lancaster.

I'm blessed to live 3 miles from the water, I guess.