Monday, January 23, 2006

Move over, Michelangelo

I spent Sunday morning experimenting with pigment and resin because I'm so vain about my Cooperfish. It's been hanging on the wall for a couple of months since getting finned in Ventura. I also decided to fix a couple more dings I'd inherited from the previous owner (who took this picture of the board).

I knew these were dings I could fix, I just didn't want white spots all over this beautiful board. So, I mixed some resin and breathed in some toxic fumes and then put in the blue, yellow, and white pigments I bought. I'm pretty short on common sense when it comes to skilled labor, so I realized too late that I didn't need quite so much pigment as I used. It wasn't like I was trying to paint the whole deck of the board. Also, duh, mix the pigment first, then drop it into the resin paste. So my second attempt was much better.

But I'm VERY EXCITED about the color match. If I ever buy a digital camera, I'll document how brilliant I was with the pigment.

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dave rich said...

Hey, I just read ur costa rica posts. I dearly miss that country so much. I was south of you in the Nosara area surfing my ass off last August. You should check out the beach break there called Playa Guiones. (cool little surf bar) under more pics, all the long lines on the beach are of that break. The place is soooo chilled. no crowds. We stayed the ever living hell away from Tamarindo and the other zoo's. All still beautiful no matter what, but check that place out if you ever have the chance, off the beaten path yet amazingly comfortable and relaxed.