Thursday, January 12, 2006

Costa Rica - some pics

I used this camera to take pictures in and out of the water. I think it works best underwater. I took most of these pics at Witch's and Ollie's because the waves were small and I had to make my own fun.

Witch's - The Rock:

Flat day, waist-high. Note the beautiful untouched shoreline, though:

Proof that one of us was in the water with the Rock:

I told Miss N to get a picture with me and the Rock. What's missing?

When the waves are small and inconsistent, you do a lot of this:

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ria said...

G- What a fun trip! I enjoyed reading it and viewing the pics. I feel like after reading about the trip, that I too took a trip to Costa Rica. So have you decided on a fish or a log yet?