Thursday, April 10, 2008

Freak out subsides

He sent me an Excel spreadsheet with yes, no, and maybes tallied. And using his advanced Excel skill-set, he made a working worksheet with tallies broken down into categories of family, friends, and Pennsylvania community. It's a thing of beauty and I feel much better.

We are seriously talking about this song for our "first dance":

Nothing says love like an Excel spreadsheet.


dave rich said...

AHHHHHHHH Thats awsome! Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yea sorry apparently Im the last to find out as I rarely explore the blogpsphere anymore. Im rededicating to it right now though. Congrats again!

Surfsister said...

That song rocks!!!! What a great way to begin your marriage. I vote for that one for your first dance.

gracefullee said...

Fun, inn't it? It's got a serious sentiment wrapped up in a whole goofy metaphor. That's the way G&G like to roll.