Sunday, December 17, 2006

Still crazy

I am happy to report that even though Little Miss N says I "have something to live for now," I'm still crazy enough to paddle out when it's over six feet at my home break when all the good guys go out.

Adrenaline. My friend.

After I rested from the paddle out, I sat around for about half an hour wondering if I was going to lose my nerve as all the set waves came through looking like big moving walls. Finally, after joking some of my tension out of me with the guys, I took my first wave (which I'd planned on being my last wave). First wave I bunked, but I can't remember why. The good thing about it was that it showed me I could live through the wipe-out and hold my breath long enough without panicking.

Second wave, I didn't paddle enough so I ended up on my feet at the top and the board dropped out from under me. I landed on my tail... literally landed on the pointy tail and the skeg. I've got the marks to prove it. Lived through that one, too.

Third wave, easy pop-up down the face and an explosion of whitewater propelled me straight to shore.

I think there's a little bit of crazy in my blood, but it was fun. It was a good day.

(Only weapon in play from my mini-quiver -- 9'7" double-glassed Cooperfish. It was fine, but DAMN did I wish I have Doc.)


Anonymous said...

I will be right wth you just as soon as my girls get a little bigger... Yes adrenline rocks to be sure.

Anonymous said...

wow. big heavy cooperfish and a large beach break. you must have had some serious determination. do you have anything you can duck dive? i ride classic long boards but switch to my fish and short boards when the waves get big. unless i'm at a point break.

gracefullee said...

Paula, let's get your girls in the line-up, too!

Yes, I have two smaller boards, but they're both dinged. I'm more comfortable on longboards, though, and I'm looking for a replacement for my broken performance 9'0".

dave rich said...

Yea I give props to people who paddle out on long boards when it gets big and heavy. You got a lot of nerve thats for sure. I would much rather be on my pocket rocket squiggling and diving my way out of the danger zones.

gracefully, you must beez loving the adrenaline!!!!