Tuesday, September 19, 2006

And then there were three...

9'7" Cooperfish Hornet - heavy volan glass with fin patch (I am the second owner)

9'0" Surf Prescriptions aka "Doc II" - performance board with 2+1 fin set-up which I have converted to a thruster on big days, round pintail with a bump (First owner, custom made for me)

7'0" Small Faces aka "Weirdo" - 30-year-old beak nose single-wing diamond-tail singlefin (I don't know its history)

7'0" Guy Okazaki aka "Dragon" - alien shape thruster (I am the second owner)

Doc II
March, 2004 - September 19, 2006
Ocean Park, Santa Monica, California


clayfin said...

Sorry to hear that. Good thing you already have your next board picked out.

gracefullee said...

Good thing. I think I cursed myself by posting that reminder note.

The problem is, the board that broke left this gaping hole in my mini-quiver that won't be filled by that nose-riding Hobie. I need another performance longboard first.

You gonna make me one?

reverb said...

...I did some ultra performance longb.

bonzer types..

very narrow in the nose and overall

9 to 9 2 x 3 1/4 x 21 (WP 8´´ up)

for guys who wants bulk and long boards, but not a noserider or a tanker or cruiser

are kind of between a gun and a perf. longb

cheers baby

Surfsister said...

What is it about our break that kills boards? First, John's board, now yours. Who's next?

Patch said...

Bummer on you.

gracefullee said...

Reverb, hmmm... bonzer longboard. I'm intrigued. I might not go that far, but I'm now thinking of asking for double concaves at the tail.

Sis, close-out beach break... Was bound to happen sooner or later. My first broken board, though, happened at Topanga on an overhead day. I don't know if that's more respectable.

Patch, I'm actually not as bummed out as I thought I'd be. I could tell it was time for my board to go when I felt it flexing in all the wrong ways.

Alan_M said...

maybe you can split the difference and geta hobie performance noserider or fusion custom with a tint like the blue noserider... that board is tasty BTW! Terry Martin shapes the Perf Noseriders, and Midget Smith does the Fusions, if you want to revisit an old friend....

gracefullee said...

Alan -- Interesting idea. I am definitely going to consider it.

This is actually why I don't really mind breaking the board... it's kind of fun to fantasize about what kind of board I'm going to get next. Thanks for playing!