Sunday, March 19, 2006

Surfed, cold, tired

The sun was out and I saw some pals I hadn't seen in a long time.


dave rich said...

you know.... the more i read all these cali surf blogs, i might be happy to live in tex. you guys def pay for your waves with bonechilling water. i actually trunked it today and last weekend, on an overcast 65 degree day!

gracefullee said...

I didn't describe exactly how cold it was on Sunday. It was almost NorCal cold. Definitely ice-cream headache cold when I ducked and turtled the longboard. I'm guess-timating that the temp was low 50s, maybe even an even 50 degrees.

Trunking it?! Lucky you. I do that for a little over a month during the summer here in SoCal.

Whiffleboy said...

I trunked it maybe twice last year. Of course, I'm really on a dawn patroller so I don't have much choice.