Wednesday, July 06, 2005

The nose

At first I thought it was allergies, then I wondered if it was a cold. Now I think it's the red tide that has been screwing with my sinuses. I don't usually get allergies, but I have had a couple of freak incidents in the last few years. I took some medication to alleviate the symptoms. That was three weeks ago. Then, when it really wasn't getting any better, I thought maybe it was a cold. So I took more medication to alleviate the symptoms. That was a week and a half ago.

Now, after my symptoms have progressed to the point of not being able to smell certain smells (those in the more smokey, savory range), and after I started complaining to some surfers, I think it's the red tide. I think something is screwing with not only the sensory nerves in my nose, but it's also screwing with the receptors in my brain. This SUCKS. I'd just quit smoking this year and food was starting to taste REALLY GOOD and now this happens.

When a friend came over on Monday, I had a finger of my favorite single malt scotch and was surprised at how little I could taste of it. There was still the fun burning sensation down the throat, but the smokiness of this particular scotch was completely missing.

And lest you think me a complete lush, I also fixed a pot of Darjeeling/Assam blend of loose leaf tea when a dinner party on Sunday retired to my place for dessert. I remembered the Darjeeling/Assam blend to be a smokey tea, especially after steeping so long between entertaining anecdotes. Everybody in the party was saying how great the tea was, but I couldn't smell or taste a thing.

I haven't been in the water for the last two days, but it hasn't really gotten better. I think I might have to go to the doctor before I start to freak out. I thought maybe being able to taste less would make me want to eat less, but instead, I seem to be shoveling food into my mouth at twice the normal rate in the hopes that the next bite will stimulate SOMETHING besides the growth of new fat cells.


riab said...

greetings from dc...i'm also still congested. it got worse after sunday's session...i'm thinking it's totally the red tide. i've got an almost "hay fever" like reaction to the ears are still popping from tuesday's flight...oi.

gracefullee said...

I actually went to a doctor -- a new doctor. My father was a doctor and took care of my medical needs for most of my life. This spoiled me for office visits as a non-entity. I found myself new to L.A. with my spankin' new insurance card signing up for a primary care physician and making an appointment. I waited in the waiting room for 20 minutes then got sent back to one of the examining rooms where I waited for another half hour to see a doctor. And after he left I waited around for another half hour until someone remembered I was in there. This did not encourage me to go back.

But I found a doctor today who saw me quickly and was very informative (given my home-educated brand of medical education from my father). She told me all the symptoms I don't have which rule out a sinus infection then sent me packing with a lot of drugs and a prescription for an anti-biotic *if* I needed it after the blitzkrieg of decongestive pills I was about to reign down on the offending mucus producing cavities. With first-time paperwork and all, I was at the office for 30 minutes.

Yup. I liked her a lot.

riab said... current doctor is pretty stingy with medication...I've gone to him twice with my congestion and he just prescribed sudafed and lots of lame is that? Today when we were making the descent into Long Beach I felt considerable pain behind my eyes...and all of a sudden "pop" and then the floodgates opened...

Dan said...

I had the same problem two years ago and it's definitely related to red tide. I surfed in the water when it looked like thai iced tea before you stir it up. Foul stuff. Usually, after wiping out, some water goes up my nose and then drains out afterwards, however, this time, it didn't drain out at all. I sounded stuffed up for a few weeks, kept surfing and suddenly woke up with the worst earache. It'll turn into a sinus infection if you don't take of it.

gracefullee said...

I have to tell you guys that I'm lovin' these drugs. I got Allegra with Sudafed stuck right in the pill and I'm also trying out a once-a-day nasal spray which the doctors said won't show immediate results, but in 3-4 days it's going to take down the inflammation drastically. It's a corticosteroid nasal spray.

Steroids, baby! They're like super-anti-inflammatories. So I'm hoping that I'll have my tastebuds back in time for a paella dinner in a week.

On the down side, I'm completely wired because of the Sudafed. I guess that's literally an "up" side...

riab said...

I hate how my taste buds have totally gone out of commission...I was sucking on a mint...and had to ask B if his candy had any "minty" taste b/c mine had no taste at all.

I was tempted to go in this morning but was feeling totally clogged up and fatigued from all the travel. So I decided to rest and take it easy.

I do hate the "styrofoam" feeling I get when I take Sudafed. But I guess that means it's doing it's job.

Feel better G.