Wednesday, March 30, 2005

the Blow-up Board

I was down in San Diego/Del Mar and ended up surfing with Nedra in Solana Beach at a spot called Pillbox. I don't know why it's called Pillbox. Anyway, there was no swell, so it was small and the tide was coming up, but still, people were friendly and it was fun.

A guy paddled up to me to say hi and, "Have you ever seen one of these?" It was an inflatable surfboard. I switched boards with him. It was a 6-foot-something fishy twin fin. Really really wide.

It was like surfing on an inflatable bed! It paddled into waves easily (because it was so floaty), but because the waves were so small and had no push, this fish kept letting the wave slip out. You really had to force the thing down the small wave in order to stay on the tiny shoulder. In any case, it was fun for a lark and I would consider getting one of these things for guests who visit and want to have the surfing experience without having the near-drowning one.


RuggerJay said...

The Pillbox! I used to live about 4 blocks away from there; one of my favorite spots.

RuggerJay said...

As to it's name - "pillboxes" were bunkers, common in the World War II days, used to provided shelter and cover for soldiers. They looked like the squat little building by the access ramp there.

gracefullee said...

Thanks for the info on the name! I thought the spot was really sweet and I'll probably be back there visiting my friend again this weekend.