Friday, August 14, 2009

Home-made Bread

My first two attempts at a sandwich bread loaf in the last two weeks have tasted fine, but have looked unappealing - lopsided, too brown on top, too light on the bottom.

Today, I used a different "recipe" (from Michael Ruhlman's book RATIO) and let it rise overnight in the refrigerator so some lethargic yeast could lazily munch on some sugar in their slowed metabolic state. I also brushed on some egg wash halfway through the baking.

MUCH better looking and better tasting!


Mama Ass said...

If only there were pictures of this bread.

gracefullee said...

I know. I thought about clicking a photo when it came out of the oven, but then I got lazy.

I'm making another one this week, so I'm charging the camera just for you.