Thursday, April 23, 2009

Oatmeal phobia

I had this impression that plain oatmeal tastes like ass with a hint of cardboard. I don't know where I got this impression. I don't actually remember ever eating oatmeal, but maybe I was just suppressing a memory which lingers as just an impression.

So, being an adventurous sort of foodie, I decided to try oatmeal this morning. I am happy to report that I was wrong, it actually tastes more like cardboard with a hint of ass. I decided it would help to dress it up... salt (lots of it), butter, and a fried egg on top. I broke the yolk with my spoon and had myself some egg-flavored oatmeal. No cardboard or ass.

Now I feel healthy because I ate oatmeal.


Beach Bum said...

It could be worse. It could have been porridge - or maybe that's what you call oatmeal over there. More like papier mache. That's what it tastes like. Glues your insides together. But I'm glad your healthy. Very witty post xx

Daniel B. said...

I have an oatmeal recipe. It's serious though. It takes about 45 minutes, so it's not an every day thing.

But damn, is it good.

I bet if you put some in a thermos, and brought it with you surfing, and ate it after coming out of the frigid waters... you'd be hooked for life.