Friday, October 17, 2008

TV Review: Presidential Campaign

I realized that these debates are really bad television. In good serial TV, each episode builds on what the viewer knows from past episodes and rewards the repeat viewer. Finely crafted TV is good enough to suck in new viewers without being boring to repeat viewers. These debates -- and probably presidential campaigns in general -- are REALLY BAD TV.

They just repeat the same things over and over... "he voted present," "he's going to raise your taxes," "use a scapel instead of a hatchet," "he started his campaign in a terrorist's living room," etc.

This does not reward the repeat viewer AT ALL.

Tony Soprano for President!

1 comment:

Surfsister said...

Sookie, from True Blood for president. While giving her thoughts at the funeral for her murdered grandmother, she heard the mean and nasty thoughts of all of those in attendance (she can hear people's thoughts)and told everyone there to "shut the fuck up!"

Yeah, that last debate really sucked. I was yelling at both of them by the time it was over.