Thursday, July 24, 2008

No reservations?

I had a dream about eating with Anthony Bourdain. In essence, it was a sex dream even though there was no sex.

It left me wanting to eat, to have an adventure, to get out and do some vaguely hallucinogenic things again. I have been whittling away my days in front of the computer rather fruitlessly. I read the news about elections, recessions, and wars. Things seem to go in my brain and rattle around a bit without getting processed before going out again.

I feel age hardening around the edges and I find myself silently stewing in anger during the day.

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Surfsister said...

There will be none of that—ageing and stewing stuff. It's time to go do something fun, girl. Of course, I can't talk. But I try to keep my hand in something out of the ordinary all the time. Monotony is a curse.

Good seeing you today.