Monday, December 03, 2007

Two-wheelin' it

The timing could not have been better. After a first big wash of rain on Friday, I was not about to get into the ocean until the prescribed 72-hours was done. Luckily, my fiance (yes, that's right, we're engaged) had signed us up for a motorcycle riding class for the weekend.

I've always wanted to learn and he got revved up by some riding co-workers when he expressed interest.

The class we took was really great. Highly recommended if you're just thinking about riding for recreation because it scares the bejeezus out of you. Basically, we learned how every element out there on the road is out to get you. After the classroom, you get about 10 hours on the bike over two days. The first day it was thrilling. I found out that I am good at going fast around corners, but I suck at the slow, tight figure-eights. My wrists and forearm muscles started getting stressed because the clutch and brake levers were too wide for my tiny hands.

By the second day, I think the novelty wore off. I was really good at finding neutral whenever we were idling because my left hand started having spasms from gripping the clutch. And, by the end of the day, even though I finally started getting the hang of slow, tight figure-eights and got to blast through off-set weaves, I couldn't help but see riding as a really expensive hobby.

I'd love to hear from Whiff or Sis's husband or any other riders. I'm sure I'm missing something about motorcycles. I had fun and am glad I learned the basics, but I didn't get the bug, that's for sure.

On the other hand, I had the bug for surfing even before I caught a legit wave.


clayfin said...


Surfsister said...

Soul Brother #1's a speed freak, thus the love of motorcycles. His mom says he's love motorcycles since he was a little kid. I'd ride one, but it's more important that I stay alive for Soul Brother #2 than indulge my interest in going fast on two wheels.

gracefullee said...

Thanks for the congrats, Clayfin.

Sis, I don't know if I'm a speed freak, but I definitely did love swooping into corners. And the faster I could do the offset weaves, the better. It was almost like doing turns on a surfboard.

Whiffleboy said...

One of my first big words spoken was "motor-kike-kel". If you didn't get the bug, no worries. It's nothing like surfing anyways. Go ahead and take the written test, get your endorsement, and chalk it up to another skill you have in your arsenal.

gracefullee said...

Good idea, Whiff. Also, glad to know that a rider can tell me it's nothing like surfing because I thought I was missing something about the bike.

Patch said...

Congrats! Did you say yes after the "slow, tight figure-eights"... :)

gracefullee said...

Patchie, you know it!