Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Birthday Surf

It's the eve of my birthday and I'm trying to figure out where to go surf tomorrow. Of course, since it's my birthday, the lunar gods have conspired to make the tide low on my normal dawn-ish patrol. I'm going to take the morning from work and find me some nice mid-morning waves. I need break suggestions for a peaky west windswell. Weirdly enough, I have a feeling my usual beach breaks at Venice and Santa Monica might actually work with this when the tide starts coming back up. Maybe a drive to Huntington?


riab said...

Happy Birthday Grace!!! Where did you end up surfing? How was it?

gracefullee said...

I waited until 9:45 to head out b/c of the low tide at 7:30. Porto looked dreary with the wind starting to come up. Some good-sized waves on the sets, but it seemed mushy in between. OP wasn't happening at all. I went home and made a trellis for my snow peas instead. Maybe my birthday surf will happen this weekend.

Alyson Wilson said...

I feel like Venice has been dreadful lately! I just found your blog and loved reading about your quest for nice waves near where I live. I'll be checking back! Oh, and happy birthday! Here's to a year of peeling waves and blue skies!