Tuesday, September 13, 2005

140 pounds, 1 beer, 0 cigarettes, 1 short(er) board

7'0" Okazaki and me = v. bad.

I'm indulging my Bridget Jones neuroses at the moment. I'm taking a page from chick lit to chronicle my ill-fated relationship with a shorter board. I'm not usually weight conscious, but I stepped on a scale for the first time in a year... and I'll never do that again!


Surfsister said...

I think you should borrow my 7'0" single fin. I don't do the potato chip thing (as you know). But I weigh the same amount you do and this thing floats me well (at least it did on the two occasions I was able to stand up on it).

gracefullee said...

That would be fun!

I'm actually doing fine on the Okazaki. I'm just impatient. And I don't like to paddle -- as you know -- so it just makes me want to go back to the longboard so I can do something with the waves.

But no. I'm persisting. Mostly, I have to get my timing right 1)when I'm paddling into the wave and 2) when I'm popping up. When I'm up and have a shoulder, I have no problems turning and controlling the board -- thank the longboarding for that.